Eckhard Binding, who became an internet sensation after a video went viral in which he cleaned up the EFF’S litter, is a student at the University of the Free State.

This young man relentlessly picked up the trash, while EFF protesters continue their attempts to defile the campus. Showing great determination and restraint when he braved the protesting crowd, Eckhard Binding kept his cool and continued his efforts in cleaning the campus. Two waiting female protesters kept throwing the trash back out, mocking Binding as he kept on picking up the trash.

This video aired on Monday and became a huge internet sensation, having been viewed not only nationally, but globally as well.

Binding didn’t expect the video to go viral, instead, he only wanted to set a ”good example”.

“I got angry. Alone, you cannot do anything other than to set a good example. That is all I tried to do there”, Bonding told The Citizen, “Any sort of statement I was trying to make, it was not intentional. My thing is, just, I have pride in my campus, in the things I associate with. I just felt if we can maybe get some more UFS students who are proud of this place, we can clean up and maybe the protesters will feel bad and decide to take it easy. That was not the case.”

He already received numerous donations from all over the world – Dubai, Canada and the USA – ranging from R5 000 to R 10 000, and even received a bursary from Osman Ebrahim to study ‘in any field of his choice’.

According to The Citizen, Binding said that “We’ll take all the money we get and put it back into the #StartTalkingSA campaign.”

He said Start Talking SA was an idea his father had come up with while driving back from Pretoria, in December.

“The main project is to promote language studies and debate. The university workers would receive little benefit from the funds, even if it were intended for them. There are around 700 workers and estimated donations of around R35,000. The math says that each worker would receive exactly R50. This is not enough to make a difference in their lives. But when the funds are used collectively, we can reinvest in society on a much larger scale.”

This brave and determined young guy proved to all that sometimes all you can do, is to be a good example to those around you.