Winter time means that we spend more time indoors and snuggling in our beds. Your bed is collecting dead skin flakes, pet hair, sheds its own fibres and also spreads dust as you move in your bed. It is very important to change and wash your bedding weekly.

  • Polyester pillows should be replaced by new ones every six months. It is a good idea to add a cup of disinfectant detergent like Conquest Germicidal to your washing load, to help get rid of nasty germs.
  • Blankets that are too large to wash inside the machine or that are not suitable for machine washing, should be taken outside and given a proper shake to help rid them of dust particles.
  • For a fresh smelling room and mattress, gently sprinkle sodium bicarbonate or perfumed carpet deodorant on your carpet and mattress and vacuum it up after about 15 minutes. It will help neutralise bad odours .