Launching #CampusMyStyle

BY Milan Jordan, 3rd year – Fashion Communication & Buying

I am Milan Jordan, the current face of North West School of Design. At 22 years of age, I am currently in my final year of studying Fashion Communication.

I thoroughly enjoy dressing up & everything associated with fashion.

The Face of NWSD entails being an ambassador for the college. A poster child of the college, whose face will be used to promote the school.

Our face at NWSD embodies fashion, lives & breathes fashion.

This person loves to showcase their individuality through their own personal style. I presume that is why Marlene Oosthuizen chose me as the face of NWSD.

And now, I get to introduce a new campaign – #CampusMyStyle.

Our students aren’t only mere fashion students, they are creatives with a knack for dressing and styling.

As the current Face of NWSD, I get to scout our campus for students who embody fashion and make it their own, this I then share to our social media platforms and from all these fabulous fashion leaders, we will be able to choose our next Face of NWSD!

The hashtag (#CampusMyStyle) will be imparted across all NWSD social media platforms, especially our Instagram.

With this campaign, we plan to exhibit how fashion-orientated our students are.

Therefore, students with “Outfits of The Day” will be scouted & photographed by me. A crucial detail, the student must be photographed in the NWSD campus setting. We will also be monitoring students’ personal social media profiles, to repost onto NWSD’s profile, using #CampusMyStyle.

Here are a few examples of photos taken on campus:

This campaign will assist us in finding the Face of NWSD 2022. We look forward to our future fashion leaders showcasing their individualistic take on style.

“Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.”

– G. Bruce Boyer