Written by Lerato Khalema, A Fashion Communications and Buying Student at North West School Of Design

2020 proved to be a difficult year globally. From travel restrictions to alcohol bans and national lockdowns. However, we did not allow it to stop us from expressing ourselves and being true to the inner fashionistas within us. Life is for the living and we also live through fashion and trends alike, but shame, I cannot tell a lie for every dive in the right direction when we encounter a belly flop of sorts in the wrong direction.

This article will be taking a closer look into the trends 2020 brought us that simply need to either go away or stay in 2020.

Lockdown has given people a lot of regrets, today I am going to help you (as best as I can) not to make a fashion faux pas.


From left to right; Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2020, Ulla Johnson at New York Fashion Week Fall 2020 and Hermès Fall

Tye Must Die

Tye-dye clothing came back with a bang and now it is time to put the gong away. I honestly believe that this trend has been overdone over the years and now the time has come for it to take a well-deserved rest.

Sure it’s cool, but it’s lost its appeal and originality and that is why I honestly believe it needs to step down from its position in the trend cycle. We need to allow ourselves to learn a new skill when it comes to the reinvention of previously owned items or the creation of new ones.

Crochet Away

Crochet clothing became a massive trend again this past season.

However, I must say NO WAY CROCHET!!! I honestly believe the world would be a better place with less crocheted clothing. The occasional bralette and scarf are okay, but entirely crocheted ensembles fast became a no-no.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of wearing an entire crochet ensemble in the middle of a South African summer is too much for me, I’m not that brave and my skin will simply not survive it.

Designers have tried to come up with interesting ways to revamp this previously outdated trend. Their efforts have been noted, but I still believe the trend should be left to rest in peace as it previously was.

From left to right Jonathan Simkhai at New York Fashion Week Spring 2020, Salvatore Ferragamo at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2020, Marco Rambaldi at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2020

Honey, Where Is My Purse? (tiny handbags)

If it is not fulfilling its purpose as a HANDBAG then it’s not a handbag. Tiny handbags need to go. Give it to your niece or your kids, because it comes across better as a training purse or a child’s accessory, but for us fully grown adults like myself, it is a “No thank you” from me.

I understand that it’s cute and chic, and on social media, people want to portray that “yes even I’m living a soft life of luxury with a tiny purse that looks like a keychain which I can’t even fit my keys or phone into”.

The last time I checked it was Go Big or Go home.

If you don’t have a man, let the bag go, because who else is going to be willing to carry everything that you actually need when you can not carry it yourself, because your handbag does not fulfil its actual purpose as a handbag.

From left to right Jacquemus 2020/2021

These are the trends that I believe should come to an end. Please keep in mind that these are all my own opinions regarding the trends at hand. Fashion is subjective and with this being said, whenever making fashion and style choices do what makes you happy because fashion is an expression of self – so go forth and express yourself happily.