Epsom salt (Magnesium sulphate) derives its name from its place of origin, namely a town named Epsom in England.  The salts were first found in the waters of this town.  It might come as a big surprise, but Epsom salt has a vast variety of uses inside and outside our homes.  In this article, we will be looking into only a few ways that you can use this inexpensive wonder product.


  1. Fighting winter aches and pains

If you are anything like me, winter is synonym with pain.  Lots and lots of pain due to the cold.  Epsom salts help to relieve pain by drawing toxins from your body.  Add approximately 500 ml of Epsom salt to your bath water and soak in it for a minimum period of 20 minutes.   It will most definitely help you and your aches and pains to relax much more.

  1. Exfoliation

Make your own exfoliating cream by adding equal parts of Epsom salts to either olive oil, mineral oil or coconut oil.  Gently scrub and massage into the skin and rinse of with water for baby soft skin.

  1. Your plants will love you for it

Epsom salts are great for your garden.  It will not only help you to get rid of nasty unwanted insects, but will also make your plants greener and carry more and juicier fruits.  Your flowers will be bigger and prettier.  Your neighbours will become envious of your luscious green lawn.  Continue to follow our blog to get instructions on how to use this product in and around your garden. 

Magnesium sulphate is available at Conquest chemicals at R9.50  PER KILOGRAM.