a Small sinkhole appeared in OR Tambo street on Sunday afternoon, 30 December 2018. According to an employee of the local Municipality they were made aware of this incident by a passerby. He also said they think the sinkhole was caused by a broken pipe about 1.5m below the surface.
It is believed the soil washed away over a period of time as a large amount soil deposit could be seen on the surface in the turn off leading to the taxi terminus.This caused the surface to collapse as their was “nothing to hold it in place.,” According to an onlooker the soil deposit has been there for a “long time”.
Credit has to be given to the municipal workers who quickly arrived and assessed the scene of the sinkhole.
At the time the municipal employee said they would work through the night to have the problem analysed and fixed, ready for tomorrows traffic.
Businesses close to the small sinkhole are, for now, in no danger of being affected by this hole.
At the time of this article beeig posted no further details were available other than that they were still digging up the road to look for the alleged burst pipe.
Klerksdorp news online will report on any new developments as it happens.