The Wesvaal Chamber hosted an event where the different parties came together, talking about what they would do to make South Africa a better country for all in the coming election. The parties that attend this initiative were, VF+, COPE, DA, APC and UDM.

Due to medical reasons, the ANC representative, Mr. David Mahlobo, unfortunately could not make it to the dialogue.

Each party had different opinions on what changes are necessary to bring around change in our country and was such afforded an opportunity to elucidate their party’s economic policies and the way forward.

 Mr. Nkuloleko Fatyela, from the APC, told the attendees that the APC will be focusing on changing the current capitalism to socialism following Marxist and Stalin principles, with the core message being emancipating the working class of South Africa.

 Mr. JR Mooketsi, representative for COPE, said that job creation is the way. “By employing an unemployed man, you don’t just bring down crime, but you restore that man’s dignity and integrity.” He emphasised that local companies should be nurtured, and the public be encouraged to support locally produced products. The act of importing cheap products leads directly to local businesses closing and this should be stopped.

 The DA, represented by Mr. Chris Hattingh – expressed the strong view that politics should be removed from the mining sector, a smarter agriculture structure should be developed, more jobs must be created and that corruption must be eradicated.

Mr. Wouter Wessels, from the FF+, strongly disagreed with the notion that the number of people that are dependent on the grant system, is a sign of a successful government.  “The government failed in giving government housing. What they should have done was to create job opportunities so that the people of this country can buy their own homes. We should stop blaming the past. What we should do now – going forward – is to join hands, start taking action and get rid of racism.”

 UDM, represented by Mr Ndayomzi Kwankwa- felt that change should start with South-Africa’s economy and infrastructure. Starting with informal settlements, the injustices of the past should be redressed by helping communities to create job opportunities for themselves and to help them grow their own small businesses.

 Even though the speakers all had different opinions, they agreed that South Africa has huge potential and that the people of South Africa can make it great again by crossing divides and taking hands in this one common goal.