While theft out of motor vehicle continues to be a problematic crime in the CBD, the police would like to make the public aware of a new trend emerging in addition to theft out of the motor vehicle.

The criminals are now approaching motorists pretending to show them some faults in their vehicles and when the unsuspecting victim give them attention, they open the vehicle and steal whatever they find in the process.

The other one is of criminals who target shoppers in shopping centres, persuade them to hand their handbags while promising to show them items on bargain prices and only to disappear with their handbags. The public is warned about this criminality that continues to go on, please note that criminals keep reviewing and adjusting their tricks to rob the innocent people of their belongings and their plans change from time to time so be alert and guard against entertaining people you do not know, others pretend to be promotional staff who want to market a new product and if you fall for these, you get robbed.

Be aware and be alert. Always ensure that your valuables are placed in the boot of your car.