The public is hereby sensitized about online scams that are happening around Klerksdorp through online advertisements.

Criminals are advertising products that do not exist online, as well as provide their contact details and the potential buyer will be asked to pay a deposit, admin fees or even the full amount of an item they have not seen beforehand. The seller will then disappear into thin air. Vehicles and livestock are mostly some of the stuff fraudulently sold online and the parties involved in the sale process do not know each other- making it difficult for the police to work with cases of this nature.

People are advised not to buy anything they have never seen beforehand, as most of these scams are too good to be true, and also if the seller has no physical address or office where the business is operating from but rather prefer to meet buyers in the streets. The public is warned about this criminality and to refrain from responding to online advertisements and even paying a seller with sketchy details as some of these people are criminals who just want to put their nails on your money.

  • Always ensure that you are accompanied by someone when going to buy stuff purchased online or meeting the seller.
  • Inform your family about these deals and give them the whole information as these criminals end up robbing and injuring the victims in the process.
  • Meet at a public place like shops or police stations and not in the bushes.

The other concern to the police are people who use bank cards with tap options for payment. This method is not safe as it needs no secret pin code making it easier for criminals to make easy purchases with such bank cards. The public is advised to use bank cards which require a pin code.