Yaaseen Pinetown is a contemporary fashion designer who designs for a younger demographic and experiments with the concepts of human evolution, delving into the id of human behaviour, superficiality and archaic mythos.

His 2020 capsule collection, ‘New Mythologies’, showcased at the Digital Platinum Fashion Festival, is a satire on human behaviour in the internet age, and how they value frivolous concepts such as seeking love on the internet, partake in internet activism with no real-world reaction, and the practising the occult, which all contributes to their own undoing. Each look signifies an issue present in this day and age such as human fluidity, religion and love.

Images: Yaseen Pinetown / Yaseen Pinetown’s final collection sketches and some pieces of his final collection.

Images: Salome Kotze /Yaseen Pinetown’s final collection sketches

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