Unemployed people from the North West province are set to benefit from the launch of Operation Ntsha Tlala, which aims to provide income transfers to poor households in the short to medium term.

Led by the Department of Transport, under its Infrastructure Development Plan, the operation will be a job maximisation labour intensive programme similar to the Expanded Public Works Programme.

The Department of Transport said the programme showcases the government’s continued commitment to providing ongoing sustainable work opportunities for destitute households.

It will also contribute to the effort aimed at creating jobs, reducing poverty, and growing and transforming the economy using labour-intensive methods of road construction and maintenance, the department said on Thursday.

The government adopted an Infrastructure Development Plan that is intended to transform the economic landscape by creating a significant number of new jobs with a special focus on youth, women and SMME development, as well as strengthening the delivery of basic services to support the integration of South Africa`s economy.

The project will be launched in Potchefstroom on Saturday.