Let’s ask our mayor all the questions we are wondering about in relation to our municipal matters.


We will choose one letter per week and send the questions raised by one of Matlosana’s citizens to the office of the Executive Mayor.

The response from her honourable cllr. Maetu Kgaile will then be published to our website and social media platforms.

Please complete the form below and submit your questions. We will forward the questions ANONYMOUSLY to our mayor.

This platform will not promote or support any political or racially driven agendas.

It is only to promote clarity between the residents of Matlosana and it’s municipality.


Thank you for the 100’s of questions received!

We have sent an e-mail to our mayor a week ago. We have had NO reply. We received a read notification e-mail on monday. Will keep you updated.


Keep sending your questions!

31 Random Questions asked by Residents of Matlosana…

  1. Any plans for Ext 25 in the current financial year?
  2. As a mayor of matlosana what precautions measure do you take to ensure that there is no corruption taken place when it comes to employment of our people
  3. Crime is still high in our location what is your plan to reduce it… Gangstarism in our locations
  4. Does the manicipality prioritizing women and youth in infrastructure and construction projects in Matlosana?
  5. General power and water cuts for days without any explanations. Why cant the municipality inform us prior.
  6. How can you make citizens of your town to pay services
  7. How is the municipal dealing with people who steal electricity?
  8. I stay in jouberton at 25th street ext 1. We have a water pressure challenge whereby the water is not pressurized enough to reach the traps.
  9. This has caused multiple geyser damage and inconvenient.
  10. I would like to know about the vacancy as I’ve been applying but hear there where interview before lockdown, and when will the municipal hire, as I need some job please?
  11. Is everybody back at work because of covid?
  12. Is it possible to stop paying for street lights if you don’t hv them in your street?
  13. Is there any plan to build tar roads in Ellaton?
  14. Kanana location it is not developing…infrastructure, can you consider it on your plan and khuma location
  15. Morning, I have been reporting the matter in ext 7 jouberton that we don’t have water everyday from 6 am till 5 pm, but seems like no 1 is helping can u please assist us with water please.
  16. Was workers fully paid while in lockdown
  17. What happened to the money that was supposed to be paid to Eskom?
  18. What is happening to the sport center in Jouberton that was built and not finished and being vandalized
  19. What is municipality doing about the water pressure problem at 25th street jouberton ext.?
  20. What is municipality doing to sort out sewing problems
  21. When are the potholes going to fixed between 24th and 26th street?
  22. Why are so many informal settlement in our locations…?
  23. Why are you place all you property in steel cage and not render any service
  24. Why do you not allow any working communication from you client/resident
  25. Why does it take so long to fix water leaks and who pays the water bill?
  26. Why does our municipality has such a big debt?
  27. Why is electricity and water interrupted each week ?
  28. Why is it so difficult for business from township to get projects in Klerkdorp?
  29. Why is it taking municipality a long time to attend to potholes before they get bigger and more costly
  30. Why municipality not cleaning the corners of our streets where yard rubbish dumped, we know our people are unable to take yard rubbish to dump sites
  31. Why must we suffer load shedding consequences if we pay our electricity bills?

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