Motorists are hereby alerted to be cautious when standing at stop signs and Red robots as criminals are targeting them to steal handbags through open windows and unlocked doors. Theft out of a motor vehicle is continuing to happen and criminals are forever coming up with new trends of robbing innocent people of their valuables and hard-earned cash. Always ensure that your car windows and doors are properly locked when approaching stop signs.

Common robbery in the CBD is also a concern to the police. Pedestrians carrying groceries with both hands and having their wallets and cellphones exposed in their pockets are also robbed by criminals who will then quickly disappear in the busy CBD. Be alert and cautious when walking in town and avoid carrying lots of grocery plastics and ensure that your cellphone and wallets are hidden where they are not visible to criminals. This type of criminality is prevalent in the corner of Enoch Sontonga and Boom street, Emily Hobhouse street near municipal park and OR Tambo street particularly near Home Affairs