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City of Matlosana

The City of Matlosana is a local municipality in Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, North West Province, South Africa. The following towns are within the boundaries of Matlosana:

    • Klerksdorp
    • Orkney
    • Stilfontein
    • Hartbeesfontein
    • Jouberton
    • Alabama
  • Manzilpark
  • Kanana
  • Khuma
  • Tigane
  • Vaal Reefs

Our Local Government

The executive and Council are divided into the following political offices:

  • Office of the Executive Mayor. Current Executive Mayor: Cllr Maitu Kgaile.
    The role of the executive mayor is to provide political leadership and to drive the transformation and service delivery programme of the municipality, by providing the vision and strategy to realize this programme the effective and efficient manner and for the municipality to meet its constitutional mandate and obligation.
  • Office of the Speaker. Current Speaker of Council: Cllr Washington Ntozini.
    The Speaker’s role is to preside and maintain order during Council meetings.To ensure that Council meets regularly.
    To ensure Compliance with the Code of Conduct for Councillors, as set out Schedule 5 to the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, 1998.The Office of the Speaker also arranges Ward meetings and Ward Committee meetings. This Office is also responsible for training of Councillors and Ward Committee members. Receive and evaluate reports on conduct of Councillors.
    Contact number: 018 487 8004
    Fax number: 018 487 8534
    e mail address: speaker@klerksdorp.org
  • Office of the Chief Whip. Current Chief Whip Of Council: Cllr Vusi Chinga.
    The Chief Whip of Council have a responsibility to ensure effective political management amongst all centres of power.


Members of Mayoral Commitee (MMC).

  • MMC : Infrustructure: M.F Nthaba.
  • MMC : Housing Land Affairs & Rural Development HL&RDMMC: T.O Vilakazi.
  • MMC : Finance & Debt Collection: F.I Tagaree.
  • MMC : Corporate Governance: M.L Mojaki.
  • MMC : Economic Growth and Market: T.G Khoza.
  • MMC : Electrical Engineering: S.D Montoedi.
  • MMC : Community & Health Services: N.S Mendela.
  • MMC : Transversal Issues: N.I Matetoane.
  • MMC : Sports, Arts & Culture: P.F Mabeli.
  • MMC : Public Safety: S.J Daemane.


Our Ward Councilors:

  • Ward 1 – M.D Mogorosi
  • Ward 2 – M.D Mere
  • Ward 3 – L.L Appels
  • Ward 4 – B.M Plaatjie
  • Ward 5 – S.T Mshapudi
  • Ward 6 – S.D Montoedi
  • Ward 7 – L.V Rothman
  • Ward 8 – M.F Nthaba
  • Ward 9 – S.E Moremi
  • Ward 10 – S.J Mohale
  • Ward 11 – M.I Mangesi
  • Ward 12 – M.M Chao
  • Ward 13 – I.J Molebatsi
  • Ward 14 – L.A Lenepa
  • Ward 15 – P.J Swart
  • Ward 16 – A. Combrinck
  • Ward 17 – E.Postma
  • Ward 18 – EPJ Nel
  • Ward 19 – J.J Le Grange
  • Ward 20 – M.M Booysens
  • Ward 21 – T.B Mpukwana
  • Ward 22 – M.A Thelejane
  • Ward 23 – G.C Mbobo
  • Ward 24 – M.S Sefika
  • Ward 25 – L.M Phakoe
  • Ward 26 – N.E Lekoala
  • Ward 27 – B.C Matolo
  • Ward 28 – C.J Bester
  • Ward 29 – S.M Steyn
  • Ward 30 – W.J.J Louwrens
  • Ward 31 – G.A Mohoemang
  • Ward 32 – R.A Matsepe
  • Ward 33 – S.L Sithole
  • Ward 34 – A.N Matroos
  • Ward 35 – T.I Thobedi



Executive Mayor’s Office

Deputy Director in the Office of the Executive Mayor

Deputy Director:
Mr. N Baholo
Contact Details:
Tel : +27 18 487 8038
Fax : +27 18 462 3420
Email : nbaholo@klerksdorp.org

Spokesperson in the office of the Executive Mayor:

Mr L Ntsheye
Contact Details:
Tel : +27 18 487 8002
Fax : +27 18 462 2067
Cell : +27 82 689 6709
Email : mntsheye@klerksdorp.org

Speaker of Council:
Cllr Washington Ntozini.
Contact Details:
Tel : +27 18 487 8003/4
Fax : +27 18 487 8534
Cell : +27 72 229 2859
Email : speaker@klerksdorp.org

Assistant Director:
Mr I Motingoe
Contact Details:
Tel : +27 18 487 8028
Fax : +27 18 487 8534
Cell : +27 82 8053906
Email : imotingoe@klerksdorp.org

Exec Mayor Cllr ME KGAILE
please talk to SIBONGILE
(018) 487 8387

please talk to BONOLO
(018) 487 8052

talk to MINTY
(018) 487 8031



please talk to ORAPELENG
(018) 487 8773

please talk to PULENG
(018) 487 8457

please talk toTHAPELO
(018) 487 8033

please talk to NKOSANA
(018) 487 8733

please talk to MOJALEFA
(018) 487 8126

please talk to RHONDIE
(018) 487 8802

please talk to KGOTSO
(018) 487 8032

please talk to MOHAMED
(018) 487 8014

please talk to YVONNE
(018) 487 8002

please talk to SINDISWA
(018) 487 8500

please talk to KEDIBONE
(018) 487 8417

please talk to MEISIE
(018) 487 8417

Office of The Municipal Manager

Municipal Manager:
Mr ET Motsemme

Contact Details:
Tel No : +27 18 487 8009
Fax No : +27 18 487 1652
Email :dnkosi@klerksdorp.org

Deputy Director
Mr E Marumo
Tel No : +27 18 487 8335
Fax No : +27 18 487 1652
Email : emarumo@klerksdorp.org

Directorate: Corporate Services

Director :
Mr A G Strydom
Contact number: 018-4878010
Email address: gstrydom@klerksdorp.org

Directorate: Finance

Administrator: Ms M Nicholls Tel : +27 18 487 8017
Fax : +27 18 464 2318
E-Mail :finance@klerksdorp.org

Directorate: Macro City Planning & Development

Director: Mr. S Mabuda Tel : +27 18 487 8013
Fax : +27 18 462 3083
E-Mail : tmokabane@klerksdorp.org or smabuda@klerksdorp.org

Directorate: Municipal & Social Services

Deputy Director: Mrs. J Masilo
Tel : +27 18 487 8760/8771
Fax : +27 18 464 1389
Email : jmasilo@klerksdorp.org

Directorate: Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Deputy Director: Mr D Rannona
Tel : +27 18 487 8709/8712
Fax : +27 18 464 1221
Email : davidr@klerksdorp.org

Directorate: Civil Services & Human Settlement

Civil Services and Human Settlement
Tel : +2718 487 8022/3
Fax : +2718 462 6154/464 4760
Email : rmukondeleli@klerksdorp.org

Our History


The city was founded in 1837 when the Voortrekkers settled on the banks of the Schoonspruit (“Clear stream”), which flows through the town. Klerksdorp is the oldest European (white) settlement north of the Vaal River, and thus of the former Transvaal Republic.

The most prominent of the first settlers was C.M. du Plooy who claimed a farm of about 160 km², called it Elandsheuwel (“Hill of the Eland”). He gave plots of land and communal grazing rights on this farm to other Voortrekkers in return for their labour in building a dam and an irrigation canal. This collection of smallholdings was later given the name of Klerksdorp in honour of the first landdrost (magistrate) of the area, Jacob de Clercq.

In August 1886 gold was discovered in the Klerksdorp district by M.G. Jansen van Vuuren as well as on the Witwatersrand, which lies about 160 km to the east. As a consequence, thousands of fortune-seekers descended on the small village, turning it into a town with 70 taverns and even a stock exchange of its own.

However, the nature of the gold reef demanded expensive and sophisticated equipment to mine and extract the gold, causing the majority of diggers to move away in the late 1890s and leading to a decline in the gold mining industry.

During the Second Boer War (1899-1902), heavy fighting occurred in the area, which also housed a large concentration camp. The most famous of the battles around Klerksdorp, is that of the Battle of Ysterspruit (Iron Stream), in which the Boer General, Koos de la Rey, achieved a great victory. The battle is one of the most celebrated of the general’s career, being the battle in which the Boer soldiers pioneered the art of firing from horseback. On April 11, 1902, Rooiwal, near Klerkdorp, saw the Battle of Rooiwal, the last major engagement of the war, where a Boer charge was beaten off by entrenched British troops.

The graves of the victims of the concentration camps, namely Boer women and children, can still be visited today in the old cemetery just outside of town, numbering just below a thousand.

Klerksdorp was connected by rail to Krugersdorp on 3 August 1897 and to Kimberley in 1906.

Today Klerksdorp is celebrated as the birthplace of Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu on October 7, 1931. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his work towards “a democratic and just society without racial divisions”. The life work of Desmond Tutu has been to heal the scars left among the descendants of the many battles for control of South Africa. There is an irony of his birthplace set amidst Boer monuments and old battlefields, early settlements by those same Boers, among them famous leaders like Jacob de Clerq, even close to Witwatersrand where gold was discovered. He somehow managed to rise beyond pettiness and division to bring all these forces together with displaced native peoples in places such as this creating an international role model. He was later awarded multiple worldwide honors for his achievements in the reconciliation of the ethnic and cultural divisions in the history of his country.

The gold mining industry was revived by large mining companies in 1932, causing the town to undergo an economic revival, which accelerated after World War II.

The town was named after Orkney Isles off the north coast of Scotland, the birthplace of Simon Fraser, one of the gold mining pioneers of the 1880s. The town was proclaimed in 1940 on the farm Witkoppen, where Fraser had first started gold mining.

The town was laid out by another Scot by the name of Maconachie (full name unknown). His naming of the streets was interesting: he used the names of poets and authors from the British Isles. This was unusual for a mining town in the heart of “Afrikanerdom”. The rule was broken as Afrikaner nationalism grew dominant in the 1960s, and some of the UK literary names were replaced.

The town was near the epicentre of an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 on the Richter scale which struck on 5 August 2014, killing one person.

Stilfontein (Afrikaans for quiet spring) is a mining town with 17,942 inhabitants, situated between Klerksdorp and Potchefstroom in North West Province of South Africa.

Stilfontein was established in 1949 as a residential centre for three large gold mines, the Hartebeesfontein, Buffelsfontein and Stilfontein mines.

Stilfontein was struck by a mining-related earthquake in 9 March 2005, which damaged buildings in the town, which was followed by the closure of the Hartebeesfontein and Buffelsfontein mines when the Stilfontein Gold Mining was handed over into liquidation. The Simmer and Jack Mines took over the mines but disaster struck again on 23 March 2006 when a fire trapped 8 miners underground at the Buffelsfontein mine.

A small pass above town, Hartebeesfontein Poort, was the scene of a Boer War skirmish on February 17, 1901. The British forces, a contingent of Lord Methuen led by Captain Poison, were descending the 500 ft escarpment above town, when they were confronted by entrenched Boer forces of about double their number. From dawn to 10 o’clock the forces were deadlocked, when Lord Methuen ordered two companies of Major Murray’s convoy guard to occupy a strategic position. After some dozens of soldiers were killed on each side, the British secured the pass and captured ample Boer supplies of stock and grain.

Klerksdorp Weather
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humidity: 82%
wind: 4m/s NE
H 15 • L 13
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