Klerksdorp News is proud to announce that we will be the official voice of the Klerksdorp Neighbourhood Watches in our effort to inform the general public and combat crime. Information from the Klerksdorp Neighbourhood Watches will be communicated directly to Klerksdorp News and will be shared to all our platforms (Website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group & Twitter page).

The Klerksdorp Neighbourhood Watch / Klerksdorp News collaboration aims to centralise and deliver content to the community that can be trusted as correct, relevant and present. The public would be encouraged to share information to their profiles, groups and pages.

The Klerksdorp News safety page contains valuable information about each Neighbourhood Watch within our community, how to join, support and contact.

The Klerksdorp Neighbourhood Watch and Klerksdorp News would like to thank the South African Police Service and ALL the local security companies for their much valued and continued assistance in combatting crime and keeping our neighbourhoods safe. Thank You!