IMPACT by Patrick Ferguson


This collection was inspired by the 1920s and the idea of reinventing the classic looks of the era.

Looking at classic styles, silhouettes and designs of the era as well as incorporating the biggest news events of the time, such as the alcohol band, the extravagant parties and the all-time high of New York Gangster culture, I have used these as an inspiration for a collection aimed to make an impact when seen and made to make the women wearing it feel powerful and that they have an impact.

I have mixed femininity and masculinity in this collection with the reinvention of classic suits to the modification of the “white collar” attire, as well as giving options for work or events.

My target market is women aged 30 to 45, with an ideal figure of hourglass and pear shape, with a high-income level, educated and living in a metropolitan city.

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