It has happened countless of times – you go through all the trouble of making the thousands of copies of the required documents, certified it and filed it neatly – just to be informed that they can’t accept the documents. What a waste of time and patience…

In order to make sure your documents are up to standard and to save you the time and energy – this article will give you the guidelines you need to make a photocopy of your ID that is up to standard.


There are many occasions when you will be requested to provide a copy of your ID document – for example for access to housing, education and healthcare services; to apply for a driver’s license or a job; when entering into business agreements and even when registering for the Unemployment Insurance Fund. You will also need an identity book to apply for a passport, and visas to work, study or visit friends and family overseas. You will also need your identity book to register to vote in the general and municipal elections.


ID Photocopies:

  • The photocopy of the ID must be in its normal size – don’t enlarge it to be a full A4 or decrease its size.
  • If you have a smartcard ID, you must make photocopies of the front and back on the same page.
  • Your photo must be clearly visible and void of any dark spots.


Most of the time you are also required to have your ID photocopy certified to signify the legitimacy of the document.


  • You can certify copies of original documents at any police station at any time.
  • The certification of these documents is free of charge.
  • Unfortunately, the resources of the police are for internal office work only, thus meaning that you should provide your own copies.
  • You must have the original documents with you when you want to certify the copies of the documents. No documents will be certified unless the originals are presented.
  • Please be patient when you go to the police station to certify documents. Keep in mind that the people at the police station have certain priorities that they sometimes must attend to before they can attend to you.
  • Alternatively, you can have copies certified at the following places:
    • Lawyers or notary public (who are members of a recognised professional body)
    • Actuaries or accountants (who are members of a recognised professional body)
    • Members of the judiciary 
    • Directors, managers or company secretaries of a bank or regulated financial services business.