Eskom says it expects to downgrade loadshedding over the next few days with generation units set to return to service.

The state power utility has been battling to keep the lights on owing to breakdowns and a crippling strike which left power stations unmanned over the past two weeks.

“Since [Wednesday], seven generation units have been returned to service. During the same period, six generating units that needed urgent repairs during the strike have been taken offline for repairs. This is made possible by the full return to work of all striking employees over the past two days.

“In addition, 600MW of capacity from the Hydroelectrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB) in Mozambique was returned to service, boosting available generation capacity.

“Over the next few days, nine generation units are anticipated to return to service, which will further improve generation capacity. This will, however, still require Eskom to continue implementing loadshedding for the foreseeable future until the situation has been normalised,” Eskom said in a statement on Thursday.

“Emergency generation reserves, which have been extensively utilised to limit the stage of loadshedding over the past two weeks, have been adequately replenished and will continue to be used to limit the stage of loadshedding.

“Eskom continues to closely monitor the system and will implement and communicate any changes as may be necessary,” the power utility said.

The revised loadshedding schedule over the weekend is as follows:

On Friday:

  • Stage 4 until midnight.


On Saturday:

  • Stage 2 from midnight to 07:00.
  • Stage 3 from 07:00 to midnight.


On Sunday:

  • Stage 2 from midnight to 16:00.
  • Stage 3 from 16:00 to midnight.