South-African voters will know by Saturday, 11 May 2019, the outcome of the elections after they voted on Wednesday, 8 May. By the 15th of May, everyone will know who will represent them for the next five years.

This was according to Mawethu Mosery, Provincial Electoral Officer of the Electoral Commission (IEC), who spoke at a pre-election briefing at the University of South-Africa in Pretoria on Monday. 

The number of registered voters increased from 25,14 million in the 2014 – national election to 26,7 million. This is just under 80% of the total voter’s population. According to Mosery is this number high for a country where voters vote on a voluntary basis, but it would have been ideal if it was more than 80%.

Mosery said that the IEC expect that between 72% and 74% of the registered voters will vote on 8 May.

Information regarding special votes, the new layout of the ballot and the logistic arrangements of 8 May, will follow shortly.

-Article translated from Netwerk24