Image: News24 / The farm Erfnishoek in the Tosca surroundings in the North West almost looks like a desert due to the drought.

According to News24 farmers in the North West are hopeful that the rains that fell in parts of the province this weekend, might be an indication of a normal summer rainfall pattern.

However, they are hoping for more rain now so that they can start planting their crops. They are also hoping that it would rain in the far western parts of the province where it is starting to look like a desert due to the severe drought conditions.

 Naudé Pienaar, deputy chief manager at Agri North West, stated that the province had below-average rainfall statistics these past seven years.

Louis Wessels, chairman of Agri Mareetsane, said that it rained between 12mm and 40mm in the area, and between 20mm and 30mm in the Lichtenburg area.

“However, it remains dry in the Vryburg- and Delareyville –area. Thanks to the rains elsewhere farmers can now begin with the preparations to start planting.”

According to Wessels, this weekend’s rains was the first to fall in the Mareetsane-area since April this year.


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