Olympus MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and MFG (Mosaic Funeral Group) recently held the ninth Klerksdorp Fight night (KFN). The event attracted fighters from across North West and Gauteng who all had one goal in mind: fight, win and entertain! The popular event gave local fans a really exciting and high calibre exhibition of fights and skills.

Tiaan Swart, owner and organiser of KFN (Klerksdorp Fight Night) said that although the fighters were highly competitive, the camaraderie between all of them was very strong and after the event, moments and stories were shared and the common love they all have for the sport ultimately was the winner.

As heavyweight fighter Johan Pretorius from Miyagi Dojo said on Facebook after the event: “After beating each other to a standstill we were still able to chat and smile after a fight! that’s sportsmanship!!”

The night entailed 10 high-quality fights but according to several KFN fans, four fights stood out from the rest.

The first one was between Kabous Kuhn from Olympus MMA and Riekert Harmse from Mile High kickboxing. This fight was dubbed the “comeback fight of the night”. Riekert dominated the majority of the fight, but pure heart and guts from Kabous gave him a small opportunity to surprise his opponent with an armbar which leads to Riekert tapping out.

The “upset” of the evening came in the form of Keagan Delafield from Henderson fighting concepts who surprised favourite Batista with a triangle choke forcing Batista to tap out.

Delafield had his hands full with a confident Batista, who showed good form but Delafield had other ideas and became the new interim lightweight champion.

The most anticipated fight was between Heavyweights Johan Pretorius and Markus “the Widow Maker” Olivier. These two fighters gave the fans a real lesson in toughness, focus and spirit with Johan winning this thrilling match by technical knockout (TKO).

The most intriguing fight was between Lecture Gumbi and Christian Malumba who were constantly trying to outwit each other tactically, but after going the distance, Gumbo retained his KFN bantamweight title by point’s decision.

The other results were:
J. Mbombo vs Omphile Tlhabi-Omphile wins by Disqualification.
D. Wetdewich vs M. Odendaal- Odendaal wins by TKO.
Tommy Porter vs Philip Lombard- Lombard wins by tap out.
MD Kalata vs Pieter Kriel- MD wins by TKO.
Heno Hoffman vs Ruffus Mantshiumba- Ruffus wins by TKO.
Zhane Tannous vs Xonrad “twinkle toes “Erasmus- Conrad wins by TKO.
Ethan v.d Walt vs Morris Monday- Morris wins by corner stoppage.

“A special mention has to go out to Miyagi Dojo, MFG, our main sponsor and Pieter Pieters whose organising, passion and helping hands assisted us a great deal,” says Tiaan. “ They committed themselves to give KFN fans a great spectacle in and out of the ring and with it, Olympus MMA cemented themselves as the biggest MMA clubs in the area. “

Watch this space, I have a feeling there is still some unfinished business between some of these fighters…. KFN 10… COMING SOON!!

Article by: Hannes Brits