On Friday, 13 September, a 44- year old male, Samual Salayedwa Mkhondwane, was sentenced to 2 life sentences for the rape and murder of Buhle Hope Goxo.

The accused raped and strangled the 7- year old Buhle Hope Goxo between 12 and 13 July 2017 in a shack in Jouberton.

On the day of her murder, the victim and her friends were playing in the yard of Mkhondwane’s house. Buhle was last seen alive at the house of the accused at approximately 19h00 on 12 July 2017.

The next day, the SAPS received a report of a child’s body found inside a shack in Jouberton. The child was declared dead on the scene and identified as Buhle Hope Goxo.

A DNA reference sample, obtained from Mkhondwane, was confirmed a match to DNA found inside the victim.

Mkhondwane showed no remorse for his actions towards the victim.

Judge N Laubscher was applauded when he sentenced Mkhondwane to two life sentences for rape and murder.

Mkhondwane was convicted and sentenced an additional 7 years for attempting to commit a sexual offence on 25 Sep 2016 with a 9 year old girl. She resisted and bit him and was able to escape.

This comes at a time where nationwide protests are taking place demanding an end to gender-based violence and femicide.