Warning: Please inform your children to be cautious around open power boxes and to not touch live wires if they see them.

We just received a report that there are open power boxes and live wires in Landsberglaan Avenue, not far from the Telkom building. According to Mr.Abdool, who also lives on Landsberglaan Avenue, school kids pass by the open power box daily and he even had to stop some kids from getting to close to the box. This is very dangerous especially since the kids don’t understand the dangers of touching a live wire.

Mr Abdool allegedly also saved a young boy’s life yesterday when he wanted to pull on the live wires. There are a lot of power boxes in Klerksdorp that don’t have locks on and the council doesn’t respond fast enough on this matter.

Klerksdorp News will report this to the Matlosana Fault Reporting hub, but it is also important for the people to report this if they come across an open power box. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the community is safe from any unnecessary dangers. It is also important to inform and caution your children about the dangers of live wiring and electricity.