On Thursday, 26 June 2019, the Democratic Alliance will launch a petition requesting the City of Matlosana to install traffic lights at entrances of Stilfontein to avoid accidents that may cause injuries or possible loss of lives.

The municipality’s response that it is not necessary to install the traffic lights is no longer acceptable. Road users do not keep to the speed limit whilst driving on the N12 poses a threat to those going in and out of the Stilfontein area on to the N12.

A number of accidents have occurred at these intersections, road users driving out of Stilfontein using slipways, enter the N12 into oncoming speeding traffic, causing accidents. The same applies to those wishing to enter Stilfontein from the right-hand lane which is the fast lane of the N12, vehicles are hit either from behind or as they cross over into Stilfontein.

Speed limits are not adhered to and Stilfontein does not have the resources to impose speed limits.

The intersections that need traffic lights are between the N12 and Winnie Mandela Street; and the N12 and Hartbeesfontein Street.

The DA will launch a petition asking residents to sign it to put pressure on the municipality to quickly install the traffic lights.

The City of Matlosana needs to prioritise the safety of residents by installing the traffic lights before further injuries or loss of lives occurs.