On the first of March CFCI Bible College Klerksdorp made history when they had their first graduation for the class of 2018 in Klerksdorp.

Friends and family gathered together on Friday night to attend the graduation of the first students that attended CFCI Bible School North West since it opened its doors last year. The students, dressed in the black gowns and caps synonym to graduation, proudly accepted their hard earned prizes –  thus setting high standards for this year’s first years. The keynote speaker of the evening was Tchr. Paul Jansen van Vuuren, International Strategic Manager, whose message to the students was that “Success is not a journey with a destination, but rather success is the journey”. Ps Sharne de Lange, who graduated in 2015 from Bible College, is the Dean here at the CFCI Bible College North West. She says that they are very blessed with the students and that God knew exactly who he had to put there for the first year.

Ps Elma van Zyl, top student of 2018 in her class, graduated with a distinction. According to her, all of her successes can be attributed to the glory of God. Without Him, all of her successes would not have been possible and it is also very important to remember that your strength must come from God. The students face many challenges in terms of finance and other discouragements, but they power through and rather keep their focus on their purpose at the Bible College.

The first year’s course theme is Practical Ministry, where they cultivate intimacy with God through a personal relationship, and the focus is for them to improve their relationship with God. They cover subjects like Prayer, Developing Spiritual Maturity and the Power of Words, amongst many others. The students have 6-hour lectures every second Saturday where they have to do practical work, written assignments and cover the Bible. This is a 3-year course and although it is very affordable, this course requires dedication from the students and not only do they have to devote their time, but financially they have to commit as well.

CFCI (Christian Family Church International) Bible College opened its Klerksdorp branch last year. This college, which initially started with only 6 students, grew to have 30 students within a year. This college is open for everybody and they already have students from Potchefstroom, Makwassie and surrounding areas. There are about 70 Bible Colleges around the world and in South- Africa the Bible Colleges can be found everywhere.

People from different walks of life come together to learn more about God, and to work on their relationship with Him. CFCI Bible.