The new 2019 school year kicked off today with a flurry of excitement from both the children and parents. Old friends were reunited and plans made for the year ahead while new friendships blossomed between the new comers.

The hustle and bustle of cars and taxis officially rang in the beginning of a school year filled with the acquiring of knowledge and thrilling sport events.

The thousands of grade 8 learners embarking on the first day of the secondary school term is inspiring and gives us hope for a generation that will be educated and be the leaders of our future.

Grade 12 learners all look forward with anticipation to complete their school years on a high note.

We spoke to some of the learners and all of them are adamant to ‘take the bull by the horns’ and get the bests results they possibly can.

The Pre-primary and Primary schools were also not at a loss of some action. Wide eyed Grade RR’s, R’s and One’s bravely entered the school yards eager to start their school journey. As expected, some of the young ones became overwhelmed and the goodbyes were not without a tear – even from the proud parents.

The Pre-primary and Primary schools were also a buzz of excitement today as the Grade RR, Grade R and Grade Ones started their school careers, mostly with wonder and awe but in some cases, a few became a bit overwhelmed and tears and anxiety took over, both in the parents and in the children, especially when it came to the goodbyes.

Klerksdorp News wishes all learners a happy, successful and memorable academic year.