Let’s have a  look at how to effectively remove build-up and stubborn dirt from your tiles. 

In this video, our cleaner made use of Conquest Chemicals’ Wax and Polymer Floor Coating Stripper, by diluting one part of the formula with 12 parts water. The mixture was then put into a spray bottle and sprayed on to a tile.

A scrubbing action with a piece of steel wool is used to get rid of the dirt. The product was then removed by wiping it off with a clean damp cloth. The difference is definitely noticeable in this video.

It has been formulated to quickly and thoroughly remove high solid floor finishes and wax polishes from PVC, rubber linoleum, tiles, sealed wood, cement, trazzo, mosaic, sparta or quarry tiles and slasto flooring

The advantages of using Wax and Polymer Floor Coating Stripper is:

  • It is highly concentrated
  • It does not contain any ammonia in the formula
  • It leaves no odour
  • It has a highly effective stripping action
  • It can be applied using both hot or cold water
  • It has no flash or fire point
  • It is suitable to use with soft or hard water
  • It is bio-degradable and free rinsing