His Hands Mission, a registered non-profit organization of South Africa, requested the support towards Akasia Shelter – a shelter for the homeless and halfway house for substance rehabilitation.

Akasia Shelter also turned to Facebook, pleading to the community to help them with donations to in turn help the homeless.

 Below is a bit of information about Akasia’s monthly expenses:

  • They use on a monthly basis approximately:

150 kg Rice/ Maize Meal

15 bags of Potatoes

15 bags of Carrots

7 bags of Onions

10 Cabbages

Any other vegetables that they can get, as well as any meat that they receive as donations.

Their monthly rent and Municipal bill are both overdue and pose a serious threat to their existence.

They don’t have gas for the stove anymore and must cook their food on the open fire every night. It is only with the grace of God that they could provide food for the people every night thus far.

Their gas money and cellphone expenses must come from their own personal funds.

The contact person is Mrs. Carine Roos.

Should you want to donate to Akasia Shelter, please contact 061 590 8552.