From next year WhatsApp will start to show ads to its users.

Facebook, which bought WhatsApp in 2014 for $22 billion, officially decided that this chat service must start to generate money.

The company confirmed this week in Amsterdam that the long-awaited and unpopular step will happen in 2020 and that ads will be displayed in the app’s “status”, according to Tech Radar.

This department of the app is the same as Instagram’s “stories” where your friends can upload videos, photos and texts under their name to play for 24 hours for their followers to see.

Instead of just seeing your friend’s name like it is at the moment, you will see full-screen ads from companies that bought ad space from the bigger Facebook group.

This chat service, which has always promoted itself as “forever free”, received increasing pressure from its acquirer which meant that a plan had to be made to generate money with the app.

Last year Facebook announced that WhatsApp will display ads in the future, but up until this week, the exact date was still unknown.


Article translated from Netwerk24