Morganti Ju-Jitsu is a style of Martial Arts consisting of Ground & Stand Up Fighting & throwing techniques. It inspires self-discipline, self-control.

Morganti Ju-Jitsu is a great way to get parents interacting with their kids on an athletic level. Morganti Ju-Jitsu teaches children self-control and discipline, as well as precision and focus. The benefits for all ages include an increase in stamina (particularly during cardio warm-ups), flexibility, and strength.
Plus, Morganti Ju-Jitsu teaches children how to defend against attackers in everyday situations. Having instructors and parents play as the attacker will create a safe and comfortable environment for their children, where they can focus on stopping the situation and escaping.
The Morganti Ju-Jitsu syllabus concentrate on easy techniques that are very effective regardless of size and strength. It was developed to teach people with or without knowledge of any defence training.

Learn how to fight from the ground unarmed against opponents that grab, choke, punch and try to rape you. Immobilize their limbs while fighting on the ground.

– It will help you with stress management. People that exercise on a regular base are more able to perform under stress.
– Training exercises perform significantly better on reasoning, working memory and reaction time.
– The techniques perform, increase creativity.
– It helps with self-motivation and self-esteem.

We currently have clubs in Doringkruin, Klerksdorp and Stilfontein

For more information contact us:

Klerksdorp Rhyn Van Rooyen 082 968 5538
Classes Mondays – Thursdays 18h00 – 20h00

Stilfontein Dana Pretorius 082 568 3200
Classes Mondays & Wednesdays 18h00 – 20h00


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