The Freedom Front Plus in Matlosana met with the MMC Finance, Cllr Farouk Tagaree today to address the public’s concerns relating to municipal accounts.
At the meeting it was explained that the March account reflects two payment cycles which were levied in order to get all accounts up to date.
“If you paid your average account amount on a monthly basis your account should be up to date by the end of April. If this is not the case then it could be that there is a mistake on your account, VF Plus Cllr Michal Groenewald explained to Klerksdorp News after the meeting. He invites the public to contact the VF Plus for assistance in this regard.
Residents who did not keep their account payments up to date will not be subject to the 50% deposit requirement, but will be allowed to negotiate a more affordable deposit and down payment agreement with the municipality. Apart from these down payments, regular payments on the current account will still be required and the municipality warns that agreements must be strictly adhered to.
Residents have until the end of April to settle their accounts or make arrangements after which services will be cut where accounts are in arrears.

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